Who am I? — A passionate computer scientist

Passionate about computer sciences for many years, I'm currently a researcher at "Université Catholique de Louvain in requirements engineering. My topic is about probabilistic goal and obstacle analysis. In addition to working as a researcher and a freelance under my own company Maximux, I've also authored two books and been the technical reviewer of another.

Hire me for a project? — Contact Maximux, my own company

In 2008 I founded Maximux, a company dedicated to software engineering and complex tasks such as software design, formal analysis, user-centered approach, etc. We very much enjoy building complex user-centered software.

Get in touch? — Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or on Twitter

Social networks allow people to connect and stay in touch, so let's exploit them! You can follow my daily updates on Twitter or contact me via LinkedIn if we share business interests.